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Motorola NFL Headset

Steve Remy, Principal at Concinity, led this project team during his time at HLB. The fast pace and high profile of this project added to the engineering challenge of developing this award-winning headset.

From Appliance Manufacturer Magazine:
NFL Headset Photo Motorola found itself with a tough assignment: creating headsets that NFL coaches found comfortable and effective while heightening consumer awareness of the Motorola brand.

Developed in just four months in order to make the nonflexible release date of the NFL season kick-off...

From From Plastics Today:
NFL Headset Photo 2 Whether or not you liked the outcome of Super Bowl XXXV, you probably did notice the wireless headsets that each coach wore. If you did, then Motorola and product design firm Herbst LaZar Bell Inc. (HLB) succeeded in their goal to create a highly visible, brand-new look...